Welcome to the Worcester College JCR website! This is a site run by the JCR for both current students and potential applicants. The site contains a wealth of useful information pages about life at Worcester including:

We also have a section for future or prospective students, which includes  advice for applying, an Oxford dictionary, details of access and outreach programmes and much more.

If you would like to contribute to the website or think something needs to be updated, please contact the JCR computing rep, Alasdair Casperd.

A Note to our New Freshers

Life isn’t normal at the moment, as we all know. But we want to show you life at Worcester as we know and love it, and as we hope you’ll get to experience it soon. One of the amazing things about life in college is that you get to hang out with lots of different people, go to events like formals and bops, try out different sports and societies, and all without leaving the place you live. Whilst social distancing measures mean that at the moment these great aspects of college life are on hold, we want you to be excited about what the future has to offer.

Though last term we weren’t at Worcester, there were plenty of college events and things to get involved in online.  We can promise you that there’ll be ways to interact safely, in line with government advice, this term too. It might not be the start of university that you imagined, but we’re so happy that you’re coming to Worcester and can’t wait to get to know you!

– The Fresher’s Committee

Fresher’s Family Tree Privacy Notice

You can view the freshers’ family tree privacy notice here.