Ultimate Frisbee at Worcester is such a fun and chilled out sport which we encourage everyone to try!! We like to think of ourselves as one of the biggest and most welcoming sports teams around! You can play as much or little frisbee as you like with our bi-weekly training sessions, Sunday games against other colleges and yearly Cuppers tournament (in which we are defending champions).

Almost no-one has played Ultimate Frisbee before coming to Uni so beginners are always welcome, why not come and get involved!!

If you’re interested in trying Frisbee at Worcester, feel free to email the captains Aidan Dures (aidan.dures@worc.ox.ac.uk) or Liam Perreault (liam.perreault@worc.ox.ac.uk). Please also join our Facebook group ‘Worcester College Ultimate Frisbee 2022/23’.

The Worcester frisbee team photo after winning cuppers in 2022

Worcester post winning cuppers in 2022!