Seiwaa Boatey – Freshers’ Rep

My name is Seiwaah (pronounced say-wah), I’m reading English Language and Literature, and I’m this year’s Freshers’ Rep. I’ll be a familiar face in the first week as I help with organising and running Freshers’ Week with the rest of the Fresher’s Committee. We hope the week of activities planned makes you feel comfortable and familiar with the college and the people!

Eirinn Hannaway – Freshers’ Entz

Hiya, I’m Eirinn and I’m a second year chemist. I remember that coming to Oxford was one of the scariest things ever but Worcester is such a friendly college – it’s full of wonderful people from all sorts of backgrounds so please don’t be too nervous about making friends! It’s also beautiful, has a great bar, its own sports field and lots of fun social events throughout the year. Coming to uni is definitely hard but it’s an amazing experience and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Rosie Creighton – Freshers’ Artz

Hi I’m Rosie and I’m the Freshers’ Arts Rep. I have made this pack to help you settle in and feel confident about arriving at Worcester. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous – I certainly did but I promise you will feel comfortable in no time! When I moved into Worcester, everyone I walked past smiled at me and that just shows how wonderful the community at Worcester is. Feel free to contact me whenever about anything – I’m always here to help!

Remi Griffiths – Freshers’ Treasurer

Hi freshers, I’m Remi and I’m this year’s Freshers’ Treasurer. I’m a second year studying Classics II, and am from London. Within the five members of the committee, it’s my job to help organise the finances for your activities and stash for Freshers’ Week, so that you all have a great week! My email is  if you want to reach out with any questions around university induction, and I look forward to meeting you all when you land!

Tonya Zhiteneva – Freshers’ Welfare

Hi there! My name is Tonya and I’m the Freshers’ Welfare Rep. I study Psychology and Linguistics and I’m an international student. Feel free to approach me with any concerns you have as an incoming fresher!