The Worcester accommodation is some of the best in the university. Undergraduates can live in college accommodation for three years of their degree, either within the college grounds or less than 300 meters from it. There’s a massive range of different rooms, so everyone’s needs can probably be accommodated. Some rooms have a mini fridge and sink access, once you’ve been assigned your room you can check what access it has by contacting accommodation at the email below.

Some rooms have access to kitchens (with ovens, freezers, hobs etc). If you don’t have the luxury of a kitchen, you will get discounted Hall prices.

For issues directly related to your college room, please email

Costs for 2023/2024:


Building Grade Number of Rooms Cost per Night
Staircase 24
Beaumont Street
10 Worcester Place
Gloucester House
Ruskin Lane
6 193 £30.88
Beaumont Street
Canal Building
5 94 £29.77
Asa Briggs
Beaumont Street
4 7 £26.55
Asa Briggs
173 Walton Street
1 Worcester Street
3 57 £25.62
Staircases 3-6
Staircase 11
Asa Briggs
173 Walton Street
1 Worcester Street
2 19 £20.75
Staircases 1-6
Asa Briggs
1 10 £18.26


Utility charges are included in the cost per night.

See here for more details:

Here’s a breakdown of the college accommodation:

Staircase 24Staircase 24
This is the newest accommodation in Worcester. There are 4 floors and 27 rooms, all with en suites and kitchen access. It is very modern, with a lot of corridor space. This accommodation is currently for 1st years.


Nuffield BuildingAsa Briggs Building
The Asa Briggs Building overlooks the beautiful Nuffield Lawn. It has 6 large rooms (4 en suite, 2 with shared bathroom facilities). Some rooms have a living room in addition to a bedroom, with arm chairs or sofas. This accommodation is currently for 1st years.


Gloucester%20HouseGloucester House
“G House” has 20 en suite rooms on 2 floors with shared kitchens. It is also opposite the gym. This accommodation is currently for 1st years.


Wolfson%20BuildingWolfson (staircases 21-23) and Casson (staircases 17-20) Buildings
Also known as the “Fishbowl”, Wolfson and Casson have 52 en suite rooms, all with kitchen access. They are adjacent to Nuffield Lawn. Casson is known for its large rooms – some even have two floors! Wolfson building is currently fo r1st years, and Casson is for 2nd and 3rd years.


Linbury%20BuildingLinbury Building (Staircases 21-23)
Linbury has 17 en suite rooms, 1 with disabled access, but no kitchens. It is adjacent to Casson building and the laundry facilities. It is currently available to 1st years.


Main%20QuadMain Quad (Staircases 1-6)
25 rooms, right in the heart of the college. Some rooms are very high up, but the inconvenience of the climb is balanced by the great view, big rooms, and low cost. There is no kitchen access and shared bathroom facilities. Rooms were built in the 18th century and are available to 1st years.


Staircase%2011Staircase 11
Also known as “The Cottages”, Staircase 11 has 5 rooms (one en suite) right above the JCR. There are no kitchen facilities, but this medieval accommodation is right in the centre of college. Currently available for 1st years.


Pump%20QuadPump Quad (Staircase 15)
One of the cheapest accommodation available, staircase 15 is in a very good location opposite the bar. There are no kitchen facilities and the bathrooms are shared.  Currently available for 1st years.


Mitchell%20BuildingMitchell Building
Located outside of the college, Mitchell Building has 21 rooms all with shared bathroom facilities. It has 2 shared kitchens, and laundry facilities are on site. Currently available for 2nd years.


Nash%20BuildingNash Building
One of the colleges more modern buildings and located right next to the orchard. Nash Building has 32 en suite rooms, one of which has disabled access. There are 6 shared kitchens. Currently available for 2nd years.


Earl%20BuildingEarl Building
Sometimes referred to as “JTM”, Earl Building has 49 en suite rooms, 3 with disabled access. There are 9 shared kitchens, 3 per floor, and 1 laundry room in the building. Available to 2nd years.


Sainsbury%20BuildingSainsbury Building
No prizes for guessing who this was named after. Sainsbury building has 28 rooms with shared bathroom facilities and 5 kitchens. There is a laundry room in the building. Available to 2nd and 3rd years.


173 Walton Street
Located outside of college, next to Mitchell Building. There are 4 rooms with shared bathroom facilities and a shared kitchen/lounge area. Available to 3rd years.


1%20Worcester%20Street1 Worcester Street
First the worst is certainly not the case here. Located outside of college. There are 5 rooms, with shared bathroom facilities and a shared kitchen. Laundry room on site. Available to 3rd years.


10%20Worcester%20Place10 Worcester Place
Located outside of college and recently renovated. 10 Worcester Place has 7 rooms, all of which are en suite, and 1 shared kitchen and dining room. Available to 3rd years.


Canal Building
Located outside of college. There are 49 en suite rooms, 2 of which have disabled access. Canal Building has 5 shared kitchens and a laundry room on site. Available to 3rd and 4th years.


Beaumont Street (5, 6, 7)
Located outside of college. Ensuite rooms with shared kitchens in a good central location. Available to 3rd and 4th years.


The  JCR Housing rep for 2023/24 is Jack Chambers ( for any questions.