Connie Claxon (she/her) – President

Hey! I’m Connie, and I’m the JCR president. I have the pleasure of leading this wonderful JCR committee, as well as chairing JCR meetings and representing the views of the JCR on various committees around college. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns – I’d be very happy to help!

Freddie Rawlins – Vice President and Treasurer

The Vice-President and Treasurer is in charge of supporting the President, chairing meetings in their absence, and ensuring motions are carried out. They are also in charge of organising budgets for the JCR committee members, as well as the college clubs and sports teams.

Olive Holding – Secretary

Katie Hearne – Freshers’ Rep

My name is Katie and I am your JCR Freshers’ Rep. Myself and the rest of the freshers committee are responsible for organising your freshers week and I will also be your representative on the JCR during your first year at Worcester. We hope you have an amazing time and have all the support you need for your first few weeks at Oxford!

Eleanor Beswick (she/her) – Access and Admissions Rep

Hi there, I’m Eleanor, the Access and Admissions Rep for 2020-21. Welcome to Worcester! My job is to encourage as many people as possible to apply to Oxford, and to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of background. I’m also involved in getting current students to become involved with access work, to show what a great place Worcester is. If you have any suggestions about what we can do to make Worcester a more accessible place for all, please get in touch!

Terence Tan – Welfare Rep

Hi, I’m Terence and I’m one of the welfare reps! I’m here to make sure your time at Worcester is as fun as possible! Feel free to talk to me (online or face-to-face) if you need a chat!

Georgia-Mae Caine (she/her) – Welfare Rep

Hey I’m Georgia, one of the welfare reps- my role is to organise welfare events during term-time, and chat to anybody who wants to. I hope I can help you feel as comfortable at Worcester as possible! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries, and I will try and help in any way I can 🙂

Joe Edgington-Pollard (he/him) – Entz Rep

Hey! I’m Joe, and I study Geography! As Entz rep, my main job is to organise bops (a kind of in-college party) three times a term (including choosing a theme!), Pink Drinks and Cocktails & Karaoke once a term, Oxmas and the Ceilidh, as well as helping the Artz rep to organise Worc in the Park (our banging Trinity term arts festival in the Provost’s garden!!)I’m the person to talk to about anything events-related or if you have an idea for what the theme of the next bop should be 🙂

Shannon McKeown – Entz Secretary

My role as Entz sec consists of promoting bops and other Worcester events including Oxmas and the Ceilidh, setting up and organising the music for bops and of course, helping the Entz rep and treasurer in any way I can!

Patrick McDermott – Entz Treasurer

Hey, I’m Paddy and I’m the Entz Treasurer. My job is to manage the Entz budget, sort out the ticketing of events, and to generally help organise college events however I can.

Thomas Outen – Charities Rep

Hi guys I’m your charities rep!  I’m really looking forward to putting on some brilliant charity events over the next year to raise money for some great causes and I hope everyone can get involved.  If you have any ideas for events or other ways to raise money then please get in touch.

Alasdair Casperd (he/him) – Computing Rep

Hi, I’m Alasdair and I’m the JCR Computing Rep. I’ll do my best to help you with any technical problems you might encounter at college, from connecting to the Wi-Fi to navigating the college printers. Don’t hesitate to message or email me if you have any issues! I also manage this website, so let me know if you spot anything that needs updating or correcting!

Tabby Budge – Food and Bar Rep

Hi, I’m Tabby and I’m the Food and Bar Rep. I work with the catering and bar staff to make student suggestions heard so just drop me a message any time if you have any! I also help organise special formals like sports team dinners or family formals – and some bar events too.

Alex Travers – Sports Rep

Hannah Roberts – Arts Rep

Hey! I’m Hannah, your Artz rep for this year. My role involves running open mic nights every term, organising Artz week, putting on Worc in the Park (Worcester’s annual arts festival) and keeping an eye out for opportunities and events in Worcester and the wider university.

Baileigh St Hilaire – Ethinic and Religious Minorities Rep

Hi my name is Baileigh and I’m this year’s ethnic and religious minorities representative! My main role is to make sure that college welcomes and celebrates ethnic and religious minorities and to promote CRAE and BME events and opportunities in Oxford.

Clementine Scott – Gender Equality Rep

Hi! I’m Clementine and I’m the Worcester Gender Equality Rep. I aim to promote the cause of gender equality and solidarity between women, trans and non binary people via a number of fun and informative events, such as Women’s Week and International Women’s Day. I’ll also be your first port of call in college for any welfare concerns related to gender equality, and aim to create a safe space for all related concerns to be discussed, however major or minor.

Anna Vedikhina (she/her) – LGBTQ+ Rep

I’m Anna and I’m the LGBTQ+ rep at Worcester. My role is to make sure everyone at Worcester who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community feels welcome and safe here, as well as hosting fun events for you guys!

Vihan Jain (he/him) – International Students Rep

Hey! I’m Vihan and as the International Students’ Rep, I’m here to answer questions you might have about moving to Oxford and the U.K., including basic things such as advice about banking, SIM cards, etc. I’m also happy to talk about the cultural aspects about living here. I’m originally from India, and lived in the US and France before joining Oxford. If you’re a POC and it’s your first time living in a predominantly white environment, feel free to discuss dealing with implicit/explicit racism from your peers/tutors. Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions!

Hannah-Louise Siddiqui (she/her) – Disabilities Rep

As Disability Rep, I am a point of call for anyone classifying as disabled under the 2010 Equality Act (although I am happy to support anyone who needs a friendly face to go to!) Part of my role involves the organising of volunteers to run a JCR quiet space during the college bops, as well as monitoring the access and equipment within college. Events created on the JCR page and advertised through pictures need an image description, so it is also my job to gently remind people to write this with their posts so that events can be inclusive as possible.

Mary Woodward – Environment and Ethics Rep

Hi! I’m Mary and I’m the Environment and Ethics (E&E) rep. I’m in charge of all things eco and climate related at college, from recycling to bike sharing! I’ll also be helping coordinate the Edible Garden throughout the year, Worcester’s own space to grow food sustainably. I’m really passionate about the environment, so if you have any questions, or want to suggest ways in which we can spread awareness of environmental issues in college, feel free to get in touch!

Guy Dabby-Joory (he/him) – Academic Affairs and Careers Rep

Hey! I’m Guy and as Academic Affairs and Careers Rep, I’m here to sort out careers events and advice, things to do with the libraries, and any academic issues. I’ll also be keeping everyone updated with internships, workshops, and other opportunities I hear about. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Hannah Powell (she/her) – Oxford SU Rep

Ursula Eastwood (she/her) – Housing and Internal Affairs Rep

Hi! I’m Ursula and I am the Housing and Internal Affairs Rep. The main part of my role is to ensure students are happy with accommodation and college facilities. I am the mediator between the student body and the accommodation office so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Will Sutton – Woosta Sauce Editor

I’m Will and I edit the college newspaper, published about three times a term. It’s basically people writing anything funny about their friends and college life. My DM’s are always open for Source content, so please send plenty of stuff in so we can have a juicy Source.

Asha Thompson – Suspended Students’ Rep

I’m Asha! I represent any suspended student at Worcester.

The freshers committee page can be found here.