Isabelle Agerbak

I am in my second year doing Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Worcester and I harken from Harrow originally. I’m this year’s JCR President, which means I represent Worcester Undergraduates to the College staff and governing body, as well as to the wider university. I would love to hear any ideas you have for how we can make Worcester an even more welcoming, lovely community and an even better place to live. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any issues or ideas or good Netflix series recommendations.


Tom Linden
Vice-President and Treasurer

I’m Tom and I’m this year’s committee Vice-President and Treasurer! My role mostly consists of managing the JCR budget and making sure money from motions meetings is transferred to the right people. I also assist Izzy with anything she may need help with in her role as President. I’d really like to meet as many of you as I can and tell you all about how the JCR is run! If you have any questions I’ll be around college or please feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to know anything about the college or the JCR Treasury!

Hannah Taylor, JCR secretaryHannah Taylor

I’m Hannah, this year’s JCR Secretary. My main job is to keep everybody in the loop with all the exciting opportunities going on around Oxford, as you’ll find out from my weekly notices email. I also minute loads of meetings in college and attempt to keep things organised! Please feel free to get in touch at any time if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help.


Jess Bradley
Freshers’ Rep

I’m Jess, the college’s freshers rep and I’m here to make sure that all Worcester freshers have the best start possible here at Oxford! I organise freshers week as well as other fresher events and am keen to help make everyone’s first year enjoyable. Please feel free to get in touch with anything freshers related, before or after moving to college!


Francis Stojsavljevic
Access and Admissions Rep

Hiya! I’m Francis and I’m your Access and Admissions rep this year. Access is all about broadening Worcester’s engagement with schools and individuals who wouldn’t traditionally apply to Oxford. I and the Admissions team will be on the lookout for your help all year round to make our mission a success – there’s plenty of fun stuff to get involved in, from tours, to mentoring, to helping out during the interview period. I’m also on the Moritz-Heyman and Lloyds scholarships, so let me know if you are on either too – I’m excited to meet you! This year is going to be big for Worcester’s Access, with the launch of a new Worcester outreach project and OUSU’s Class Act campaign – both of which you will hear more about from me soon.


Polly Holmes
Academic Affairs and Careers Rep

Hey! I’m Polly and I’m your Academic Affairs and Careers rep. One of my main roles will be organising careers events across the year and making finding out about the careers opportunities we have at Oxford as easy as possible. If you’re interested in hearing about careers events, from CV workshops to Student Consultancy, you can join our Facebook page or sign up to be on the mailing list. I am also here to ensure that any questions or queries that you have about academic affairs are dealt with quickly and effectively. If you have any questions about careers or academic affairs don’t hesitate to drop me a facebook message/email! Looking forward to meeting you all in October!

Nina Warren

Female Welfare Rep

Hi, I’m Nina and I’m this year’s female welfare rep. I work together with the the male welfare rep, Jordan, and the team of peer supporters to look after your wellbeing. This means we organise welfare events in college, such as the weekly T@3 (which is essentially a welcome break from work and lots of free food), and I’m also always around if you want to talk about anything. If you’re worried about anything at all please feel free to contact me!.

Jordan Grinyer
Male Welfare Rep

Hi! I’m Jordan and this year’s male welfare rep. I’m going to be working with Nina, the female welfare rep, and the peer supporters to make your time at Oxford as enjoyable as possible. We will be organising lots of different social events of which a popular event is Worcester’s T@3 (a chance to take a break from work for a cup of tea and plenty of free food!). We also run a welfare week, in which there will be lots of chances to relax and take a break with your friends. Outside of these events, myself and the entire welfare team are available if you need a rant, a break or just a chat. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!


Sophie Drinkwater
Food and Bar Rep

Hi I’m Sophie a second year lawyer and your JCR Food and Bar Rep. I am in charge of organising special formals and maintaining the budget for the hall and the bar. Please ask me any questions you have about formal hall or anything you want to know about food and drink at Worcester in general. Any suggestions you have for events or general aspects of eating/drinking here then please drop me a message and I’ll do my best to help!

Sophie Rogers, Entz repSophie Rogers

Entz Rep

Hi everyone – I am Sophie and your Entz rep for this year. This means that I am here to organise college events and keep you all having a great time. I look forward to throwing you wild fancy dress BOPs, suave black tie nights and euphonic nights of karaoke and cocktails. My team and I run lots of events throughout each term, which are highly attended and extremely enjoyable, so make sure you get involved as much as you can and join in the upbeat and inclusive vibe Worcester has. I’ll let you know all the events going on, so drop the Worcester Entz Facebook page a follow and I’ll see you there!


Jack Nurney
Entz Secretary

Hello friends, I’m Jack and I’m the Entz Sec. My role is fairly chill, mainly focusing around liaising with clubs; so securing wristbands and discounts for the college after events. I also deal with ticketing for the stuff put on by the Entz team. I have a role in trying to raise funds for the JCR Entz budget, this coming mainly from clubs sending money back to us when we send students their way. Worcester events are jokes, particularly bops and pink drinks (both of which get super loose), so get involved and we shall welcome you into our hearts.

Jess Woods
Entz Treasurer

Hi I’m Jess and I’m the Entz Treasurer. So my job is to manage the money for all of the college Entz events. I’ll be sorting out ticket prices and managing the budget so we can put on as much as possible for you throughout the year. I’ll also be generally running around supporting the Entz Team. There’s a great mix of events, so do get involved, we can’t wait to see you there!


Reuben Green
Sports Rep

Hey! I’m Reuben and am the JCR sports rep. My role involves managing the sports budget, organising sporting events throughout the year and giving as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in sport here. We have fantastic sporting facilities and an amazing sporting community here at Worcester – it is the perfect opportunity to try any new sports. It is super good fun and is a great way to keep fit. Keep a look out during fresher’s week for lots of sporting events! If you have any questions about sport at Worcester or in the university don’t hesitate to get in contact. I look forward to seeing you all in October!

Tom Wijesinghe
Arts Rep

Hi my name’s Tom and I’m the current Arts Rep. That means that I’m in charge of all the artsy events (believe it or not!) in college. For instance, in Trinity term I organised a big live music festival-style event ‘Worc in the Park’ on Nuffield lawn for charity, which included performances from wide range of acts from Oxford with plenty of helpings of Pimms and cake. Throughout the year I also organise termly open Mic nights in the college bar, art exhibitions, creative competitions and drama showcases. I am always keen to promote your creative endeavours (however amateurish or unconventional) so do make yourself known if you have anything you would like to perform/exhibit and I’ll be delighted to lend a hand in making that a reality. You’ll often see me making regular posts on the JCR Facebook page asking for willing volunteers for performances so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the proverbial ground 😮😯😮😯

Nivraj chana, ethnic and religious minorites repNivraj Chana

Ethnic and Religious Minorities Rep

Hi, I’m Nivraj and I’m the college’s Ethnic and Religious Minorities Rep! I’m here to represent the ethnic and religious minority community at Worcester, making sure everyone feels at home, regardless of their religious beliefs or culture. I’m the person to chat to if you’re having any problems with race or religion at Oxford and I’ll be able to point you in the direction of the diverse range of religious and cultural societies here. I’ll be advertising BAME events on Facebook and will be putting on events here at Worcester to promote diversity and cultural awareness.


Miranda Bardsley
Gender Equality Rep

Hi I’m Miranda, and I am Worcester’s JCR Gender Equality Rep. This means that I represent and promote the equal rights of all genders within college. I stand as the voice for all genders – female, male, transgender, non-binary – and it is my duty to listen to my peers in college to be able to create a place where anybody of any gender feels they belong. My aim is to make the topic of gender and equal opportunity stigma free, and something we can all talk about if we want to. This role is all about creating a safe place for all, and I want everyone to feel they can approach me with any thoughts, ideas, worries or questions. My door is always open!


Jack Edge

Hi, my name’s Jack and I’m your LGBTQ+ Rep. This year I will be organising LGBTQ+ events in college, and introducing Worcester students to activities and events held by LGBTQ+ soc. I will also strive to make sure that LGBTQ+ members of the college community have their voices heard and are respected and treated equally. If you are interested in uni life as an LGBTQ+ person, upcoming events, or any other welfare issues, don’t hesitate to drop me an email or facebook message for advice, questions, or just a chat. I can’t wait to meet the new wave of freshers in October!


Jáchym Solecký
International Students Rep

Hiya! I am Jáchym, a second year Maths and Computer Science student and I will be your International Students Rep. You all know how daunting it can be moving into a new place far away from your home. But now imagine how much more there is to it for our international students, who also need to deal with different phones, currencies, or even languages! So to all of you who are coming from abroad, I will be here to help you settle in and give you some advice on bank accounts, SIM cards, packing, and anything related to that. And for everyone and anyone I will be organizing fun events where you can learn about different cultures, their languages, foods, films, and many more.


Julia Alsop, disabilities repJulia Alsop
Disabilities Officer

I’m Julia, and I’m the JCR Disabilities Officer, supporting students with disabilities, including physical, sensory, cognitive, and developmental disabilities, and mental health conditions. My duties involve pushing to make all facets of college life, whether academic, social, or physical, more accessible, representing the needs of disabled students within the JCR, and signposting disabled students to other resources. I am also the current Chair of the SU Disability Campaign.


Alex Scott
Charities Rep

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the JCR Charities Rep for this year. My role involves organising college charity events and promoting fundraising and volunteering opportunities within the wider Oxford community. The charity events I organise range from the Christmas Fair to the massive charity auction in Hilary Term. The JCR raises money for three different charities each year, one local, one national and one global charity. At the beginning of Michaelmas Term we will vote for these charities and continue to raise money for them throughout the whole year. I will also advertise and promote volunteering opportunities in Oxford and would love as many people to get involved! Please do get in touch if you have any ideas about charity events you’d like to see happening at Worcester or if you’d like to get involved with fundraising or volunteering. Either message me on facebook or email. Looking forward to meeting you all! x

Sophie Taylor, Environment and Ethics RepSophie Taylor

Environment and Ethics Rep

Heya! I’m Sophie, your Environment and Ethics rep. My role is to increase the environmental friendliness and sustainability of college, and keep our social impact on the wider community as positive as possible! I will keep you all in the loop of what environmental and ethical schemes are being held at the university scale such as the Veggie Pledge, as well as smaller college initiatives and events. Let me know if there is any aspect of college life which you think could be made greener and cleaner – I’m always open to fresh ideas!


Luke Rickard, Computing RepLuke Rickard
Computing Rep

Hi! I’m Luke and I’m your JCR computing rep. I’m essentially in charge of everything to do with computers for the JCR; that includes maintaining the JCR website, attending computing committee meetings, providing support for anyone with computer related issues and of course ensuring the print room is always stocked up with ink and printer paper. If you have any tech issues (or notice the printer needs more paper) then feel free to get in touch!

Matthew Timms, Oxford SU RepMatthew Timms
Oxford SU Rep

Hi, I’m Matthew and I’m the OxfordSU (Oxford University Student Union) Rep this year. This means I’ll be attending the fortnightly meetings of the university student union and representing Worcester JCR there – both in a voting capacity and being a voice in the meetings. I’ll keep people updated about everything OxfordSU throughout the year but if you have an specific queries then drop me an email or look on the SU website –


Charlotte Ring
Housing and Internal Affairs Rep

Hi I’m Charlotte and I’m your Housing and Internal Affairs Rep, so my role is to make sure that you are happy with your accommodation, and I will help to resolve any problems that you might have with it. Worcester is really good for housing because you get accommodation for all three years of your time here, with each room’s price being based on its grade (1-6, with 6 being the best). I’ll see you when you arrive in October, but if you have any queries send me an email! X

Oliver Simpson, Woosta Sauce EditorOliver Simpson
Woosta Sauce Editor

Greetings to one and all, I’m Oli and I edit the College newspaper, which is called the Woosta Source (g00d chat amirite). It’s essentially a vehicle for people to take the piss out of themselves, their friends and life at Worcester and Oxford generally, so if you back yourself as being quite jokes then please don’t hesitate to send over whatever you can come up with! Also if you hear about some good college gossip then do lob it over to the Peeking Duck so it features in the informative and innovative gossip column. The more stuff I get sent the more often I can publish the Source (hopefully 3-4 times a term) and the less full of my rather risqué drivel it will be. LeT’s GeT sOuRcEy


Sarah Littlejohn, Suspended Students' Rep
Sarah Littlejohn
Suspended Students’ Rep

Hiya! I’m Sarah, your Suspended Students’ Rep for this year. Sometimes students need to take some time out of life at Oxford, my job is to support you through the decision and help you in any way while you’re away. I’ll also be working on the current suspension policy at Worcester to make sure it’s the best it can be and works for everyone. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or need any advice about suspension!