SamSam Millington (he/him) – President

Hello everyone, I’m Sam! I’m from Cornwall and I study Physics.

As JCR President, I am here to represent your interests to the authorities in college. I chair motions meetings and lead the committee in working towards making your experience at Worcester the best it can be. I’m always up for a chat and I look forward to hearing any ideas you may have!

AliyahAliyah Begum (she/her) – Vice President and Treasurer

Hi everyone! I’m Aliyah and I’ll be the JCR Vice President and Treasurer for the next year. I study English Language and Literature and I’m from Birmingham. My role involves looking after JCR finances and representing students’ views in meetings with college, as well as several other things like updating the constitution and organising college punts. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about Worcester, or Oxford in general!

LucyLucy Owen – Secretary

Hello! I’m Lucy, and I study History and Economics. As your JCR Secretary, my role is to keep you informed with what’s happening around college – expect to get quite a few pun-laden emails from me! I also help run motions meetings where you can put forward anything you’d like to see college doing! Absolutely feel free to get in touch about anything before or during term, and I’ll do my best to help!

Susanna Catling – Freshers’ Rep

Hiya! I’m Susanna, I study Chemistry and I am this year’s Freshers’ rep. You’ll see a lot of me over your first few weeks here as I help organise and run Freshers Week along with the rest of the Freshers’ Committee, to give you the welcome to Worcester you deserve 🙂 Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns and I look forward to meeting you all in October. Bring on Freshers Week!

Charlee Wedderburn-Bolton (she/her) – Welfare

Hiya! My name’s Charlee, I’m a second year English student, and I’ll be one of your Welfare Reps for this year. What that means is that Somesh and I are in charge of putting on awesome welfare events to sweeten up your year! We’re also part of Worcester’s trained peer supporters, so that means we’re all available for a confidential chat if you need one. So please feel free to say hi! We’ve got plenty of cake and conversation to go around.

Somesh Sharma (he/him) – Welfare

Hey everyone! I’m Somesh and I study PPE – I’m also the Male welfare rep for the next year. That means I’ll be coordinating welfare events throughout the year with Charlee, as well as provide confidential support sessions as a trained peer supporter! I also come up with incredible (and funny?) memes and post them on our Facebook JCR page. Feel free to reach out if you ever have welfare concerns!

Andrea Neville – Access and Admissions Rep

Leah Carvel – Class Act Rep Leah

Hi, I’m Leah and I’m the Class Act rep. I study Geography and I’m from the West Midlands. Class Act represents students who are state-schooled, from low-income households, first generation, estranged and/or care leavers. My role includes drawing attention to relevant issues within college and organising class act events. Feel free to reach out with any ideas or questions!

Aria Nikpay – Entz OfficerAria 

Hi! I’m Aria, Earth Science student, and I’m the new Entz rep. I organise the social events of Worcester along with my Entz treasurer and secretary, Lauren and Emma. These include bops, pink drinks, pizza night and more! As always, don’t hesitate to message any of us with any ideas/concerns- we want everyone to enjoy the events held at Worcester. Entz love xx

Lauren Forbes – Entz TreasurerLauren

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m this year’s Entz treasurer. I’m studying Earth Sciences and I’m from Derby. I’m very excited to be part of the Entz team this year, helping my fellow Earth Scientist Aria to organise some great events for everyone. I’m happy to listen to any ideas or suggestions you have so feel free to get in touch.

Emma Fairfoull – Entz SecretaryEmma

Hi! I’m Emma and I’m your Entz Secretary. I study English Language and Literature, and I’m from Brighton. I’m really excited for this role; helping create the bop themes and making all the posters! I’m always here to listen to any ideas anyone has, so please never hesitate to message me 🙂

Joshua Darne – Entz Ticketing Officer

Hi, I’m Josh and I’m going to be your Worcester ticketing rep for 2022-2023! I study physics and I live in Durham which will be quite far up north for a lot of you! My role basically includes selling tickets for one of the main Oxford clubs called Bridge which most people go to on a Thursday. Every week I will do a post on the JCR with a method of how you can buy discounted tickets for Bridge from me and not from Fixr. I will also be sorting out the ticketing system for bops and other events. Please feel free to get in touch with me on Facebook messenger with any questions about tickets and events at Worcester!

Zoë Abereoje – ERM RepZoe

Hi, I’m Zoë (and I’m the Ethnic and Religious minorities rep. My role is to make sure that ethnic and religious minority groups are represented in college and to ensure that you feel welcome and comfortable here. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me! I’ll try my best to run consistent and fun events through term but if you have any ideas let me know!

Venus Dossajee – LGBTQ+ Rep

Skye Levett (he/him) – Trans and Non-binary Rep

Hi all! My name is Skye, I’m a second year Music student, and I’ll be this year’s Trans and Non-Binary Rep! I’ll be here to provide support, resources, and anything else that’s needed to my fellow trans/non-binary/gnc/questioning siblings. My job is to support others through their own self discoveries/transitions, so if you ever need anything, please feel free to reach out!

Cameron Clark – Disabled Students Rep

Millie Davidson (she/they) – Gender Equalities

Hi! I’m Millie, I study Fine Art and I’m the Gender Equalities Rep! I’m here to make sure that people of all gender identities feel at home at Worcester. It’s my job to raise any concerns with the college and student body about safety and fairness in college regarding gender, so feel free to reach out to me if you have any worries or ideas!

Daniel Quinn (he/him) – Food and Bar RepDaniel

Hiya, I’m Daniel, I study Geography and I’m the Food & Bar representative for Worcester College this year! My role is to liaise with college to help improve the catering in Halls and general stuff in the bar with Collin, our amazing barman. Like everyone on the committee I’m here to try and ensure that all students have the best experience in College.

Rose Henderson – Housing and Internal Affairs Rep Rose

Hi! I’m Rose and I’m from Edinburgh. I study PPE and I am this year’s housing rep. I’m responsible for liaising between students and the college accommodation office and helping solve any housing related issues. I’m also here to answer any questions you might have regarding balloting for accommodation, vacation storage, and room cleaning, to name just a few! Please feel free to message me if you have any thoughts or concerns.

Clarisse Tsang – International Students RepClarisse

Hey I’m Clarisse, a second year Classicist from Hong Kong and I’m the International Rep for the JCR this year! I’m the first point of contact for any questions regarding welfare for international students (vac storage, events, funds), and aim to make college experience for overseas students as easy and accessible as possible. Please message me if you have any questions as I’ll be doing my best to liaise with college and voice your concerns!

Natalie Shapiro (she/her) Computing

Hey everyone! I’m Natalie and I’m a second year doing maths 🙂 I’m the IT rep for this year which means I’m in charge of helping everyone get setup on college WiFi, keeping the printers stocked up with paper, managing the JCR website and coordinating with college IT staff. Please do get in touch if you have any problems with college tech (particularly at the beginning), you have any suggestions or just to say hi! Welcome to Worcester, looking forward to meeting you all soon 🙂

Ola Wilk – Arts Rep Ola

Hii, I’m Ola !
I do EP and I’m the Arts Rep for this year, which means I’m probably the one that’s behind any art related events that you see in College. I’m here for any of you that want to stay connected to and get involved in art throughout being at Worcester ! 👩‍🎨

Izzy Mills Woosta Source EditorIzzy

Hi, I’m Izzy, and I’m the editor of the Woosta Source. I study English and I live near Southampton. This is our student newspaper so we welcome contributions which might include topics like sports, horoscopes, and satire. Our anonymous gossip columnist, the Peeking Duck, would also love to hear from you!

Eva Ponting – Sports RepEva

Hi! I’m Eva and I study History. My role as sports rep for this year is to oversee college sport, whether that’s organising sports fixtures, running college varsity or keeping people up to date on all things sport at Worcester. I’m also here to help with any university-wide sports questions or queries that you have, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Ellie Walker (she/her) – Charities Rep Ellie

Hi all! I’m Ellie, I’m an English student from London and Charities Rep this year. My role is raising money for the local, national, and international charities that the JCR chooses. I’ll be putting on events like second hand sales, formals and raffles, and I’m also in charge of stash! All your puffers, keep-cups, tote bags and whatever else come from me. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in head-to-toe Worcester merch (especially for such good causes).

Frankie Coy – Academic Affairs and Careers Rep Frankie

Hi! My name is Frankie and I am your Academic Affairs and Careers Rep for this year. I am from Leeds and my role is to make academics at Worcester more accessible and inclusive. Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or recommendations!

Ag Czernecka (they/them) Environment and Ethics Rep Ag

Hey, I’m Ag and I’m the E&E rep. My main aim is to make it easier for everyone to get involved with college E&E life. To do this, I’m trying to rebuild certain aspects of pre-covid college life such as the bike share scheme and the student garden as well as holding events such as jumble sales more regularly. I also try to keep up to date with what is happening in college in terms of environmental policies or decisions etc. so that I can keep the JCR updated because transparency is key 🙂 If you have any questions/suggestions/pictures of plants, then just drop me an email –

Sam Leggatt – Suspended Students Rep Sam

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m Suspended Students’ Rep! I am from Poole and I study Chemistry. My role involves representing all suspended students in college, and offering support and information to those considering/undergoing suspension. If you would like to know more about suspension, need assistance with the process, or just want to talk, please feel free to get in touch!

Louis Summerly – Oxford SU Rep

The freshers committee page can be found here.