Abi Edu President

My name is Abi, and I am one of the few Fine Art students here at Worcester. As the current JCR president, my primary role is to act as a bridge between the students and the staff by representing the interests of all undergraduates. I also manage the rest of the JCR committee. Attending meetings is an essential part of the role. I go to discuss topics like fair rent prices, to keep the provost updated, to speak with the greater Oxford student president body, and to catch up with the rest of the committee to find out what they have been doing on a biweekly basis. I place importance on inclusivity and encourage it through events to mix year groups, cultures, genders, etc.

Luke Lifton – Vice President and Treasurer

Hi, my names Luke and I am the JCR Vice-President and Treasurer. I ran for this role as I love a good spreadsheet, which I get to use lots of having just finished my first year studying physics. If you have any questions about JCR money or Oxford as a whole, please reach out and I’ll answer as best as I can.

Marged Williams Secretary

Hiya! I’m Marged, I study English Language and Literature, and I’m your JCR Secretary. My role is to keep you informed about the events and opportunities around college – expect some pun-tastic emails from me! I also help run motions meetings where you put forward anything you’d like to see college or the JCR doing! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about Worcester, or Oxford in general – I’m always up for a chat!

Ashna Chaturvedi – Welfare Rep

Hello!! My name is Ashna and I am a second-year law student here at Worcester. I’m really excited to be one of your Welfare Reps next year. I can’t wait to meet you all (and learn about your wacky snack requests) at our weekly welfare teas!


Lars Rohle- Welfare Rep

Hi, I am Lars I study Maths and will be the male Welfare Rep this year. I will be running various welfare events where there will be free food, snacks and chat. I am one of the trained peer supporters for Worcester so if you ever need someone to have a confidential chat with feel free to message me or turn up to one of many peer support drop-in sessions which will be held at local Cafes.


Lilly Hong – Access and Admissions RepLilly

Hi everyone! I’m Lilly — the Access and Admissions Rep and a second-year mathematician. My role involves organising outreach events like Open Days, running college tours, and working with other student ambassadors to encourage applicants from all backgrounds. Please reach out if you’d like to help with any of this — we always love to have more helpers onboard (plus, access is great!).

Isra Khan – Class Act Rep

Hi! I’m Isra and I’m the Class Act Rep for this year. I study English and I live near Leeds. My role includes creating an inclusive and welcoming community for all those covered under the Class Act. This includes students who are state-schooled, first gen, from low-income households, estranged and/or care leavers. I organise events including tea@3s and pizza nights, please feel free to come along! More importantly, I work on highlighting important issues in college rooted in class related issues. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email on isra.khan@worc.ox.ac.uk  !

Jack Crowther – Entz Officer

Hi guys, I’m Jack Crowther and I’ll be your Entz Rep for this year, so you’ll probably see a lot of me over the year. I study Earth Sciences and live in Yorkshire. Me and the rest of the Entz team organise social events for the year (Bops, Pink Drinks, Oxmas etc.) Any suggestions or concerns just send me a message.



Minahil Ahmad – Entz Treasurer

Hi! I’m Mina and I’m your entz treasurer, which basically means I deal with all things budget and ticket prices related. You’ll also probably see me sober repping at most in college events (pink drinks, garden party, etc.). I study Earth Sciences and am fro

m East London. If you have any questions feel free to email me! 🙂


Emily Daniel – Entz Secretary

Hi I’m Emily I’m from Leeds and I study PPE. This year I will be the Entz (entertainment) Secretary, so will be very excited to tell you about your first Oxford bop! I mainly make the bop posters and help out with the entz events like bops and pink drinks, so I am sure you will see me at these (or posting the info on the JCR facebook!)

Emily Harris – Entz Ticketing Officer

Hi! I’m Emily and I’m the Ticketing Rep at Worcester. I work with the ENTZ team to sell and distribute tickets for all our wonderful events. I do E&M and also get involved with some of the sports that the college offer, which I highly recommend. I can’t wait to meet you all in freshers’ week, which I hope will be as special for you as ours was for me!

Ruby Duncan – BAME Rep

Hey my name’s Ruby and I’m the JCR BAME Rep. I’m really enjoying the roll so far; organising social events and opportunities for the Worcester BAME community to connect both within college and also university wide. I want my role to be about celebrating the community we have here whilst also supporting and standing up for each other and our presence in this institution. Remember you have the right to take up space!! Feel free to message me whenever you need, or let’s speak face to face at some of the BAME events we’ve got coming up…. I heard there’s free plantain chips at the fortnightly BAME T @ 3s and super tasty and in high demand mocktails and cocktails at my BAME Drinks.

Chiara Stark – Faith Rep

Hiya! I’m Chiara, the Worcester JCR Faith Rep! Since this is a new role, I’m still figuring out what this actually means, but basically, I’m here for any religion-related queries, or just a friendly chat! College is an amazing place to meet new people and try new things, but it can all get quite overwhelming, between suddenly living by yourself on top of the work and the socials. I’m here for when it maybe gets too much to juggle everything alongside a healthy interior life. Anything from alcohol and sex before marriage to how to be more loving to your peers, I’m here to listen and figure things out with you, rather than impose something on you – we can work through any worries together!

Hazel Peters LGBTQ+ Rep

I’m Hazel and I’m fortunate enough to be the LGBTQ+ Rep for the Worcester College JCR. My role involves organising events for the LGBTQ+ Community in Worcester and being a point of contact for LGBTQ+ students. In my experience, the college is a very welcoming, fun and safe space for queer expression. There is always a rainbow over Worcester 🌈

Jack Shears – Disabled Students Rep

Hi I’m Jack Shears and I do geography here at Worcester! I am your Disability Rep for this year. I would love to hear your ideas for how to make the college and Oxford as a whole more accessible for people with disabilities. Please feel free to contact me whenever you need, even before the term if you need! I am here to help you with any needs you may have.

Yi Xuan Wong (she/they) – Gender Equalities Rep

Hi! I’m Yi Xuan (she/they). I study Law and I’m the Gender Equalities Rep! I work to make sure that students of all gender identities feel safe and supported in Worcester. In addition to working with Housekeeping to run the free period products scheme, I can assist with raising or escalating any concerns regarding gender equality in college, so feel free to reach out if you have any!

Lewis Callister – Food and Bar Rep

Hi, I’m Lewis, a second-year law student, and this year I’ll be your Food and Bar Rep! Whilst my main job will be behind the scenes organising hall events for the college and its clubs; you’ll also be seeing me spamming the JCR feed with weekly menus too. On the bar side of things, I’m always on the look out to hold more events so drop me a message if you have any suggestions

Jack Chambers – Housing and Internal Affairs Rep

Hey everyone, I’m Jack and I’ll be your Housing Rep for next year! I study maths and when I’m not poring over problem sheets you can usually find me playing either hockey or frisbee, which are lots of fun and very chill (would highly recommend both). I’m also an ambassador for Worcester and the Maths Department, so I help out at quite a lot of outreach events too (and I might even have met some of you already). Looking forward to meeting you all in Worcester soon!

Yuan Foo – International Students Rep

Hi everyone, I’m Yuan! I’m from Taiwan and I study Economics and Management and I’m the International Rep this year. I’m here to provide support for my fellow overseas students to make the college experience as accessible as possible. You can message me for any questions for international students (vac storage, events, travelling etc.)!

Milly Robertson Computing Rep

Hi guys, I’m Milly, I study Biology and I’m this year’s Computing Rep! I’m here if you’ve got any issues getting your email and college WiFi set up and am responsible for keeping this website updated and printers stocked with paper. Feel free to message me if you have any problems with anything IT related, especially when you first get here, or any ideas for the website 🙂

Jacob Byfield – Arts Rep

Hey! I’m Jacob and I study German and Beginners’ Portuguese here at Worcester!! I’ll be the Arts Rep for this year which means that I’ll be behind anything art related in college. My main focus this year is to have art from different cultures presented around college all year round. I’ll also be organising some fun events too, so make sure you keep an eye out for those!! I look forward to seeing you all soon! 👨🏽‍🎨

Eleanor Robson Woosta Source Editor

I’m Eleanor :)) I study Experimental Psychology and I’m the editor of The Woosta Source. This is our college magazine; it’s quite low key and anyone can contribute. If you’re interested in writing a column let me know!

Vishil Devshi – Sports Rep

Hi My name is Vishil Devshi and I am the Sports Rep. Sports is a big part of Worcester, whenever a big match is held the Worcester students turn up with enthusiasm and excitement ready to support the college and it really helps build the strong community spirit that we have here at Worcester.

Reyati Loro – Charities Rep

Hi, I’m Reyati! I study chemistry and am this year’s Charities Rep! I am also in charge of stash such as puffers, fleeces and bags but I will primarily be organising fun fundraising events for charities local to Oxford, as well as national and international charities of the everyone’s choice. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Michaelmas, and please don’t worry about sub fusc as there will be a second-hand sale when you come!

Simon Major – Academic Affairs and Careers Rep

Hi! I’m Simon, and I’m a 2nd year studying French and Linguistics. In my role as Academic Affairs and Careers Rep, I’m available both as a port of call for any concerns or questions to do with your degree, and also to raise awareness of opportunities for after graduation. Please get in touch if you are at all concerned about academic life at Worcester/Oxford, or are even just curious about something!

Hannah Glendell Environment and Ethics Rep

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m the JCR Environment and Ethics Rep! I help to run the edible garden along with Ag, and I work with college to make life at Worcester more sustainable.

Niall Clarke – Suspended Students Rep

Hi! I’m Niall, I’m from North London, I am studying Philosophy and German and I’m the Suspended Students Rep. My role is the offer support to any suspended students or to students considering suspending their studies and will liaise with the Welfare team or Academic Support where necessary. I look forward to meeting you all in October!

Akshita – SU Rep

Hi, I’m Akshita, a 2nd year engineer and your SU Rep for next year. This means that I’m here to connect our college with the wider university student union and can bring up any concerns you may have in SU meeting to make sure your voices are heard. However, feel free to come up for a chat about anything – even where to go I know I was lost most of first term!


The freshers committee page can be found here.