Dani Yates – President

Hey everyone! I’m Dani and I’m the JCR president at Worcester College. I’m a proud Northerner and I study Chemistry.

My roles are to lead the committee, chair motions meetings and represent interests of students to authorities in college. I hope to make all your voices heard, and of course catch up on all the missed BOPs in the pandemic!

Isla Virtue Thick (she/her) – Vice President and Treasurer

Hiya everyone, I’m Isla and I’m reading PPE. I’ll be your Vice President and Treasurer for the next year!

My role involves managing JCR finances, representing student interests at college meetings, and several other bits and bobs, from updating the constitution to organising college punts. I aim to keep everything running smoothly and help the JCR meet all of your needs 🙂

Olive Holding (she/her)– Secretary

Hi, I’m Olive! I study French and Linguistics, and I’m the JCR secretary for 2021-22! I’m basically responsible for letting you know about everything happening in college and minuting meetings – expect to get quite a few emails from me! Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have about anything to do with Worcester or life at Oxford!

Milo Wills – Freshers’ Rep

Hi guys, I’m Milo and I’m your Freshers’ Rep so you’ll be seeing a lot of me in your first couple of weeks here. I study French and German and I live in the Cotswolds. I’ll be helping to organise your freshers week and making sure you have the best introduction possible to Worcester. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me or any of my freshers committee a message.

Rebecca Smith (she/her) – Access and Admissions Rep

Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca and I’m the Access and Admissions Rep. I am from Nottingham and I study English Language and Literature. My role on the committee is to promote access schemes both within the college and university wide to encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to Oxford. I also help out with coordinating interviews and will try to encourage as many of you to become student ambassadors as possible! The most important part of my role is to make sure everyone feels welcome to apply to Worcester and that all students have a great experience once they are here. If you have any suggestions about what we can do to make Worcester a more accessible place for all, please get in touch!

Tyler Weston (he/him) – Welfare Rep

Hi everyone, I’m Tyler, a second-year Classical Archaeology and Ancient History student, and one of the Welfare Reps this year. This means that I, along with Tabs and the other trained peer supporters, am available for confidential welfare support. Plus, me and Tabs will be putting on plenty of welfare events over the year so definitely be sure to along to them :))

Tabs Preston (she/her) – Welfare Rep

Hey all! I’m Tabs and I’m a second year medic. I’ll be one of your welfare reps this year, so am one of your points of contact for confidential welfare support in college. Tyler and I are both peer support trained and are always around to listen, chat, or provide some company! We’ll also be running a load of fun, inclusive events and will represent the JCR when discussing welfare with college. See you around 🙂

Arya Nagwani – Entz Rep

Hey I’m Arya, a Law student, and I’m the ENTZ rep this year. My job is to organise the social events for Worcester (Bops, Bar Nights, Oxmas, etc.) with the help of my lovely ENTZ Secretary and Treasurer, Eleanor and Rob. I am super excited that clubs and venues are back in full-swing post-Covid, and I will be working hard to get some banging events to make up for the ones we missed last year! As ever, the ENTZ team is here to bring the party to Worcester so feel free to share your ideas/concerns with us to ensure that we have events suited to the Worcester community! Entz love xx

Eleanor Butt (she/her) – Entz Secretary

Hi I’m Eleanor and I will be this year’s Entz secretary. I’m studying PPE and I’m from Essex. I’m so excited to be part of the team to bring Entz back in full force this year and organise the best events possible. I help the team come up with themes for our bops, organise the music for events and produce posters and the term card to communicate all Entz related info to you guys. I’m happy to listen to any ideas students have to elevate our Entz game so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Robert Johnson (he/him)Entz Treasurer

Hi, I’m Robert and I’m this year’s Entz Treasurer! I’m a Chemist from Yorkshire, and thrilled to be on the Entz team to help create the best events for college while also making them as affordable as possible (free drinks???). I’ll also be in charge of ticketing! Although I’m not the main face of Entz (big up Arya), I’m always up for listening to suggestions and answering any queries!

Peter Adair (he/him) – Charities Rep

Hi everyone! I’m Peter and I’ll be the charities rep for the next year! I’m from Belfast and I study History. My role in the JCR is to raise money for great local, national and international charities. We’ll do this by running events like raffles and a Christmas fair, as well as working alongside the Entz team to raise a bit more money. I’ll also be in charge of college stash for this year, which will include Worcester puffers, hoodies, glasses and more! The stash last year was great and sold really well so hopefully we can get a repeat of that this year and donate to some good causes.

Abubakar Buwe – Computing Rep

Hi, I’m Abubakar and I’m the Computing Rep. My role is to make sure that everyone is setup and able to use the IT services as well as to run the JCR elections. If you have any questions about IT, or anything in general please feel free to get in touch.

Molly Sikora– Food and Bar Rep

Hi everyone! I’m Molly, and I’m this year’s Food and Bar rep. I study Earth Sciences and I’m from near Manchester. My role involves organising bar and hall events, including weekly and special formals such as Midway and Parents’ formals. I also liaise with college to organise menus + put forward any requests, so drop me a message if you have any suggestions!

Aidan Dures – Sports Rep

Sarah Benedeh (she/her) Arts Rep

Hello lovelies! My name’s Sarah and I’m the Arts rep for Worcester this year. In a highly academic space like Oxford, I feel we forget how important and relevant the arts are to our communities and I’m passionate about changing this mindset. I’m all things colourful, fun and creative so I can’t wait to get everyone involved!

Smriti Pahari – Ethinic and Religious Minorities Rep

Hi, I’m Smriti (Sim) and I’m the Ethnic and Religious minorities rep. My role is to make sure that ethnic and religious minority groups are represented in college and to ensure that you feel welcome and comfortable here. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me! I will also try to host more events this year to create a stronger ERM community, so I look forward to meeting you all!

Sofia Olendraru – Gender Equality Rep

Hello! I’m Sofia, I read Chemistry, and I’m the Gender Equality rep at Worcester! My role involves raising awareness about gender (in)equality issues, creating safe spaces for all women and non-binary members of the JCR, and working with college to ensure that life here is as fair as possible for everyone regardless of gender. Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns/ideas you may have related to gender equality!

Nathan Crewe (he/they) – LGBTQ+ Rep

Hi everyone! I’m Nathan and I’m Worcester’s LGBTQ+ Rep. I’m from the North West and I study English. My job is to ensure that college is a welcoming and inclusive place as well as organising events such as the weekly LGBTQ+ drinks. Feel free to message me with any concerns or suggestions. I’m looking forward to bringing the Worcester LGBTQ+ community together!

Clara Strøemsted – International Students Rep

Hi everyone! I’m Clara and I’m the JCR international rep. I’m from Denmark and I study PPE. My role is to represent the interests of the international students at Worcester and voice their concerns. This includes ensuring that international students aren’t disadvantaged and helping international students with issues such as setting up bank accounts, visas, etc. Feel free to message me with any questions!

Emmi Scaife (she/her) – Disabilities Rep

Hi, I’m Emmi and I am the disability rep. I’m from North Yorkshire and I study Classics. I am responsible for representing the disabled members of college by bringing up any concerns or recommendations, ensuring members of the college are correctly educated and making sure accessibility is a priority.

Weronika Slesak (she/her) – Environment and Ethics Rep

Hi! I’m Roni and and I’m the environment & ethics rep. I come from Kraków, live in Switzerland for a while, and now I study biology. My main goal this year is to push Worcester towards creating a sustainability strategy that will be in line with the new university-wide strategy goals (net zero carbon & biodiversity net gain by 2035). Aside from the policy bits, I also work on some community events (like swap shops), the marvellous edible garden and bike rental scheme. Feel free to reach out any time, let’s do some gardening together x.

Ash Gibbins – Academic Affairs and Careers Rep

Hey, I’m Ash! I’m from West Yorkshire and study Philosophy and French – I’ll be your Academic Affairs and Careers rep for this year. My role is to liaise between the JCR and the college staff about the academic side of Worcester life, as well as help make careers prospects more accessible where possible. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have!

Martha Geraghty – Oxford SU Rep

Hiya, my name is Martha and I’m your Student Union rep! I’m from London and I study Law. My role is to represent Worcester in the university’s Student Union, by voting on behalf of the college. Keep an eye on the JCR Facebook page where I post updates from the Union meetings – please let me know if you have any thoughts or issues you want to raise!

Jonah Blain – Housing and Internal Affairs Rep

Hi, I’m Jonah and I’m the Housing Rep. I’m a Londoner and I study maths. My role is to basically deal with any accomodation related queries or issues anyone’s having, and to mediate between the student body and the accomodation office. I’m always down for a chat, housing-based or otherwise, so please feel free to message me anytime.

Kiran Dhillon – Woosta Sauce Editor

Hey everyone! My name’s Kiran and I’m the editor of the Woosta Source, Worcester’s illustrious student newspaper! I’m from the West Midlands and study English Lit n Lang. The Source is a great place for you to show off your writing/satire skills! If you’re not up for writing then you can always submit to our anonymous gossip columnist, the Peeking Duck ;). My main job is organising, editing and collecting submissions (+ keeping the Peeking Duck in line). I look forward to seeing your submissions/goss!

Liv Ashall – Class Act Rep

Hi! I’m Liv and I’m Worcester’s Class Act Rep. I’m from Wales and I study Geography. Class Act is a new committee role that’s here to make sure Worcester is equally accessible and welcoming to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions!

Alex Charters – Suspended Students’ Rep

Hello, my name is Alex (right) and I study Computer Science here at Worcester. My JCR role consists of all things related to suspending your studies whether for welfare reasons, academic reasons or other reasons…. If you want to know more about suspension, drop me a line or say hi sometime!

The freshers committee page can be found here.