The JCR hold meetings on the Sundays of even weeks (note that a week in Oxford starts on a Sunday) in the JCR itself. They are a chance for the undergraduate body to discuss and vote on matters of importance to the JCR. Motions can be submitted by any member and can be on almost any topic; this may be a request for a purchase of an item for the JCR to use, a comment on an existing College service that may need improvement and a less serious motion. The outcomes of motion often involve JCR Officials performing specific tasks ranging from writing letters of invitation to celebrities through to investigating the price of table tennis balls.

While some motions are hotly debated and votes can be close, there is a feeling of informality and productive discussion throughout meetings. Undergraduates should not feel that they need to be a speech-maker or debater to offer their thoughts to the meeting. The process is one of discussion and generally the more people and views that are involved, the better the meeting. Free pizza is also provided.

In order to submit a motion simply write one up with 3 sections “This JCR notes that…” “This JCR believes that…” and “This JCR resolves to…” then send the completed motion to the JCR secretary who will publish the motion ahead of the next meeting. Here is an example of a motion. In extraordinary circumstances the JCR can hold emergency meetings with at least 2 days warning given.

Motions Meetings Minutes

Minutes for motions meetings can be found under each of the links below.

Passed Motions

A list of all motions that have passed since Michaelmas Term 2020 can be found here.