Welfare Team and Peer Support

The JCR welfare team exists to provide members of college with emotional support on any kind of issue they may be having. The Welfare reps on the JCR committee work alongside members of the peer support team to ensure the wellbeing of the college. Each member of the peer support team, and the welfare reps themselves, are students at Worcester college who have received 30 hours of training in effective listening and peer support from the Oxford University Counselling Service. The welfare and peer support teams run two drop-in sessions run every week. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of the welfare reps on the JCR committee, who will be happy to talk to you about anything at a convenient time, or put you in contact with another peer supporter.

Sessions are one-to-one and strictly confidential, and with the Worcester peer support team also having links to Keble College, we can put you in touch with a peer supporter from another college if that would make you more comfortable.

In addition to the listening service, the welfare team also runs weekly sessions of Tea at Three in the Nazrin Shah. Traditionally these have taken place at 3pm on a Wednesday (with a second wave of food at 3.45pm), but the day may be set to alternate in order to accommodate more of the JCR body. You need not have an issue or a worry at Tea at Three, the welfare team will be present to talk to anyone but many members of the college use Tea at Three simply as a relaxed break from work to meet with friends and enjoy some free snacks!

In addition to Tea at Three, welfare intends to put on a few one-off events throughout the year (movie nights, welfare walks etc.).

Finally, in the interest of promoting sexual health, the welfare team is able to provide a free condom service via the email bringmecondoms@gmail.com. Simply send an email and the welfare will discretely and confidentially leave a free condom in your pidge.

The Dean Team

The College Dean, Dr Ben Morgan, has overall responsibility for student welfare. The Dean is supported by the Student Welfare Officer, Jo Elliott. Jo is also the Disability Coordinator for the College. Their contact details are:

Dr Ben Morgan ben.morgan@worc.ox.ac.uk Tel: (2)88340
Jo Bates joanne.bates@worc.ox.ac.uk Tel: (6)10465

The Dean is also supported in his role by the resident Assistant Dean, Tonia Thomas, and the resident Junior Deans, Kim Fuellenbach, Nayra Zaghloul, Tika Malla and Shazeaa Ishmael. The Assistant Dean is a Junior Research Fellow and lives in College (Nuffield 12). The Junior Deans also live on site and are postgraduate students of the College. Their contact details are:


Tonia Thomas assistant.dean@worc.ox.ac.uk Tel: (2)78397
Tika Malla jd.earl@worc.ox.ac.uk
Nayra Zaghloul jd.mitchell@worc.ox.ac.uk
Shazeaa Ishmael jd.canal@worc.ox.ac.uk
Kim Fuellenbach jd.beaumont@worc.ox.ac.uk

In the event of an emergency a member of the Dean Team should be contacted, via the Lodge if necessary.

College Nurse

The College Nurse is available at varying times during term for consultation about health matters. She is based in Staircase 11, room 4 or she can be contacted by telephone (2)88323 or email worcnurse@nhs.net.

Other contacts

College Doctor:
27 Beaumont Street, tel. 01865311500

31 Beaumont Street, tel. 01865557507

University Counselling Service:
3 Worcester Street, tel. 01865270300

Tel. 01865270270

Tel. 08457909090