Milo Wills – Freshers’ Rep

Hi guys, I’m Milo and I’m your Freshers’ Rep so you’ll be seeing a lot of me in your first couple of weeks here. I study French and German and I live in the Cotswolds. I’ll be helping to organise your freshers week and making sure you have the best introduction possible to Worcester. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me or any of my freshers committee a message.

Sophia Iddon – Freshers’ Entz

Hi I’m Sophia and I’m the Freshers’ Entz rep! Alongside the other freshers committee members I’ll be responsible for organising all the events in freshers week and making sure that our freshers have the best introduction to college life possible. We know Covid has been tough but hope restrictions won’t resurface and we can enjoy BOPS and bar nights like normal! I look forward to meeting lots of you at the start of Michaelmas term and over the rest of the year and will be around if you have any questions or concerns at all in freshers week.

Jack Chambers – Freshers’ Artz

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m this year’s Freshers Artz rep. I’m from London and study Music, I’m the one who designs the T-shirts and makes the Freshers pack you’ll be getting soon. I’ll also be helping out with the running of Freshers Week. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Kealan Pritchard – Freshers’ Treasurer

Hi, I’m Kealan and I’m this year’s Freshers’ Treasurer. I’m studying Geography and I live in Switzerland. I’m very excited about being on the Freshers’ Committee to organise a great Freshers’ week after us not getting one ourselves. My job involves organising all the finances for the week as well as selling tickets and Freshers’ t-shirts during Freshers Week. If you have any questions (freshers related or not) don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Abi Claridge – Freshers’ Welfare

Hi!! I’m Abi (she/her) and I’m the Freshers Welfare Rep this year! I’m from Coventry and studying Medicine. It’s my job to make sure all incoming freshers feel welcomed and comfortable when they arrive at Worcester. I also organise the freshers workshops and am hopefully just a friendly face around college. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!