Holly Toombs – Freshers’ Rep

Hi, I’m Holly, I read Psychology and Linguistics, and I’m the new Freshers’ Rep! You’ll see me around lots during the start of term, as I’ll be helping to organise your freshers’ week and providing you with some information over the summer to help you settle in. I’m here to support you, and to make the transition to uni as easy and fun as possible!

Elliot Abrahams  – Freshers’ Entz


Isabelle Oxford – Freshers’ Artz


Ananya Kumar – Freshers’ Treasurer


Tonya Zhiteneva – Freshers’ Welfare

Hi there! My name is Tonya and I’m the Freshers’ Welfare Rep. I study Psychology and Linguistics and I’m an international student. Feel free to approach me with any concerns you have as an incoming fresher!