We are incredibly lucky at Worcester to have one of the best and most inclusive sporting communities around. This may be due to our friendly atmosphere and fantastic sports facilities which are on site, out the door of our accommodation! Many students find that throwing a ball around on our beautiful grounds is the perfect way to relax and socialise in Oxford’s often demanding environment. Come get involved with the varied opportunities that Worcester sports has to offer and see for yourself!

College Sport

Most college sports consist of weekly training sessions, weekly league matches, regular socials (called crewdates) and the annual inter-collegiate cuppers tournament. Worcester has a rather sporty reputation – regularly appearing in cuppers finals and bringing home all kinds of trophies in previous years. With any luck, and some help from you freshers, we will be able to put in yet another sensational performance this year. Worcester sports are not only inter-collegiate so look out for internal tournaments such as five a side football and anything else your sport is offering. Nearing the end of Hilary there should be a sports dinner to celebrate all the achievements and efforts teams have put into Worcester sports across the two first terms. College sports trials will be held in early Michaelmas term so keep an eye out for updates for different sports – all levels of previous experience are welcome!

College Varsity

All the training and hard work will be put to the ultimate test in late Hilary (second term) when we face our biggest rivals and sister college St Catherine’s, Cambridge. It’s our turn to host us this year, so Catz will travel to us and a huge battle of the colleges will commence on the sports pitches, at dinner and on the dance floor. Who will be crowned the greatest college?

University Sport

Playing for the university is a highly rewarding experience – both socially and in sporting excellence. Worcester seems to have an overwhelmingly large number of university players who have achieved full blue or half blue sport status (an award for distinction in a particular sport). University trials are generally held near the beginning of Michaelmas (first term) but be aware that pre-season training can often start before term begins so it is worth being organised if you are seriously considering playing. If you desperately need accommodation during your preseason it might be worth contacting college: accommodation@worc.ox.ac.uk

Please feel free to get in contact with Eva Ponting (the JCR sports rep) if you have any questions about playing for the university, who should be able to help you out and get you in touch with the right people or connect you to someone at Worcester who plays: eva.ponting@worc.ox.ac.uk.