Worcester JCR members have access to a wide range of computing facilities. If you have any issues with IT either submit a ticket to the IT department at the Worcester help desk (you’ll need to be logged into your SSO to do this!) or email the JCR computing rep Milly Robertson (amelia.robertson@worc.ox.ac.uk)

Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have any issues with IT – especially when you’re first getting set up as a fresher or for any WiFi issues!


You can access Wi-Fi in all buildings in college. It’s recommended that you use the university-wide Eduroam network. To use it you will need to have set your Remote Access password (sometimes called an Eduroam or VPN password). You can do this by visiting https://register.it.ox.ac.uk. For more information and instructions on setting up Eduroam visit http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/wireless/services/eduroam/.

There is also an ethernet port in every room in college which allows you to connect your laptop or computer to the college network (Worcester Members) and use the internet.

Computer Access

There are numerous computers in college which are available for undergraduates to use. Some can be found in the upper library and in the law library. You need to use your Oxford single sign on (SSO) username to access these.

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Printers are available in the Murdoch Room (above the upper library), the Law Library, and in Nash downstairs. Printing costs are billed to your battels. To use the printers, you can either print directly from a college computer or email the file you wish to print as an attachment to one of the following email addresses:

  • Double-sided grayscale: monoprinting@worc.ox.ac.uk
  • Double-sided colour: colourprinting@worc.ox.ac.uk
  • Single-sided grayscale: simplexmonoprinting@worc.ox.ac.uk
  • Single-sided colour: simplexcolourprinting@worc.ox.ac.uk

To confirm your printing, you’ll need to visit one of the two printers, and scan your Bod card.

If a printer has run out of paper and there is none nearby, let the computing rep know. If there are any problems with the printers, put in a ticket on the Worcester help-desk. Only attempt to fix problems if you are sure you know what you are doing; the computing assistants would far rather deal with a simple paper jam than a broken printer.

You can find more comprehensive information as well as instructions on scanning and photocopying here.

Computer Security

The college IT department provides a comprehensive guide to computer security, including antivirus software, firewalls and removing malware. You can find it here.