This is a page about how all things charitable work at Worcester. I hope it’ll be useful but if you have any questions about charities at Worcester /in Oxford or about volunteering then please get in touch (

Charities at Worcester

Early in Michaelmas, we’ll have elections to choose some charities which we’ll focus on in particular during the year. If you’d like to nominate a charity for this, let me know by the end of Freshers’ Week.

I’ll also be setting up a charities’ committee which anyone can  join- a team like this should mean we can organise events really effectively. There’ll be an opportunity sign up and an initial meeting early in Michaelmas…Over the course of the year there will be several fundraising events held, including :

  • A charity auction
  • A Christmas fair
  • A charity formal (dinner)
  • Worcester Bake-Off
  • Film night
  • Worc in the Park (music festival)
  • Change for Change- this will take place on the Saturday of Freshers’ Week and the idea is to see if we can make a chain of coins stretching all the way round the Worcester Quad- so remember to bring along your small change and look out for more info coming soon!

Hopefully there will be much much more too! If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them…

We can also hold one-off events in aid of particular charities (i.e. not the main JCR elected ones).

There’ll also be some non-fundraisers- events aimed at discussion and promoting awareness- exactly what should be confirmed soon, but it should include talks or information nights run by speakers from charities! There are other campaigns like the Big Clear Out, where you can donate  food you have leftover at the end of a term, and other opportunities for fundraising, like the gowns on sale in Freshers’ Week. There’s also an optional donation added to battels in Hilary and Trinity terms. I’ll be sending a separate email to everyone at Worcester about this in Michaelmas.

If you’re doing something individually for charity, then let me know because I can promote it to everyone at Worcester (e.g. if you’re doing a sponsored run or swim you might be able to get more sponsorship J ).

Fear not, I’ll spam you throughout the year with info about specific events as they’re coming up!

Charities in Oxford

RAG (Raise and Give) is the University wide charitable campaign ( All Oxford students can vote in the election to choose the charities for the year. Last year RAG raised over £70,000 through events including (amongst many many others!):

  • Raids (these are where students collect money with buckets or collection boxes e.g. on the High Street)
  • A RAG Ball, held in Michaelmas which tickets will be available for very soon
  • Jailbreak, where students have to get as far from Oxford as possible without paying for transport
  • A skydive

Similar events are planned for this year- and as well as participating in events it’s also possible to get involved with their committee or with organising specific events. To subscribe to their mailing list send a blank email to

Many charities (such as Oxfam and Amnesty) have Oxford branches- look out for them all advertising at Freshers’ Fair! Many will run taster sessions early on, and their activities vary but might include speaker events and fundraising. Others are Oxford based, including the growing movement Giving What we Can ( which aims to change how we think about giving and to make us think about what charities we give to.


There are so many opportunities in Oxford to give your skills and time to organisations that will value them – you can make a real difference (as well as adding to your own skills and CV!)

It is impossible to list them all here, but lots of them will have stalls at the University-wide Freshers’ Fair so that’s a really good place to pick up information at the start of the year. I’ll also be at the Worcester Freshers’ Fair, so if you’re looking for something in particular come along and I’ll try to point you in the right direction. Loads of current Worcester students are involved with a wide range of organisations- from teaching to growing food- so there’s lots of people who’ll be happy to share their experiences or take you along to a taster session. If you’re undecided, many groups have opportunities to find out more about volunteering for them – like taster sessions or info nights.

The Oxford Hub, which is based above the Turl Street Kitchen, coordinates over 50 projects which students volunteer for in Oxford. It’s a great place to start ( and I’d recommend signing up to their mailing list as you get a really useful email each week which lets you know about opportunities and what’s going on in Oxford (sign up on this page here, a few paragraphs down


It’s impossible to do justice to a really wide field in a short (or intended-to-be-short!!) page, but I hope it gives the idea that there’s loads to get involved with, both in terms of volunteering directly and in terms of fundraising. I hope it’s also clear that there’s lots of fun to be had… charity definitely shouldn’t be about feeling guilty- much better to have a great time and make a difference while doing it!

If you have any questions or there just seems to be far too much to choose between then please get in touch at any time.