Access work for prospective students is a big deal at Worcester, as we love to show everyone that we go to the best college. It’s a great thing to be a part of- not only does it make a difference to possible applicants, but it’s also great fun to talk about how much we love our college, and see others start to love it too!

On a college level there are many ways to get involved with access. In December interviews are held. Some Worcester students will remain in Oxford for an extra couple of weeks to help during the interview period, which can have a hugely positive impact on the experience a prospective student has here. Moreover, there are many school visits which take place in Hilary and Trinity term. Students interested in access can help with this by giving tours of college, showing them what Worcester and Oxford more generally are like. In Trinity term, we also have a JCR open day, where the Social Mobility Foundation comes to visit Worcester. The university-wide open days also take place, and students return to Worcester to show students and parents around this incredible college.

On a larger scale, Oxford has lots of different access events and programmes. Just a few examples include the pathways programme, in which year 11s receive guidance on A-level choices, Target Schools which runs the student shadowing programme, various summer schools such as UNIQ, and different schemes run by other colleges and university bodies.

Any questions about becoming involved in access should be emailed to

If you need any more convincing that Worcester is great, here are our access videos: