We asked a couple of students to describe what their typical day is like at Worcester, here are their responses:

Sonia, 2nd year Law

If I have a 9am, I’ll wake up at 8.15, but if not, I’ll usually wake up at around 9.30. Although my lectures are optional, I learn well in them so I tend to go. If I don’t have a lecture, I start work at 10.30ish. I’ll usually work for most of the day as I prefer to take the evening off; my work consists of reading cases (or summaries), textbooks, articles and statutes and then writing an essay. I have 2 essays one week, and then one the next. I find I’m more productive working outside college (usually the Radcliffe Camera or Social Sciences Library) – it gives me more separation between my work and non-work spaces. If I have a tutorial or a sports practice that day, I’ll stay in college and work in one of the work spaces or in my room. If I’m in college, I’ll have lunch with my friends, especially those that have study courses with less contact time like mine. We’ll usually eat in a kitchen, but sometimes we go to hall. If I’m outside college, I normally end up going to a café. I’ll work most of the afternoon, unless I do sport. In first year, I played rugby, rounders and netball (I’m netball captain this year).

Boris, 2nd year Maths

As a STEM student, I’ve got a lot of lectures. Mine are every weekday from 9 till 11, so usually I’ll be waking up around half 7 to make those, while the rest of the morning after that’ll generally be set aside, in all honesty, to procrastination and chat. For me, work will tend to get going after lunch.

On a typical day I’ll have a tutorial, in which we go over a worksheet set the previous week in 2s or 3s with a tutor; these last for roughly an hour some time in the afternoon. What’s left of my time till tea will most commonly involve working pretty loosely on worksheets with friends, mostly talking over bits I don’t really get and helping others on bits they might not too. If there’s not something on around Oxford, my weekday evenings will usually consist of hitting up the JCR or a friend’s room/kitchen for tea and conversation/a board game – just something to relax. Personally, because I do some of my best work late at night, after going back to my room at the end of the day I’ll often do a little work quite late on my own, with a nice hot chocolate and some chill music before hitting the sheets.