Food and Bar. The two pillars holding up our great society. For civilisations, these two humble comforts have shaped the very essence of life. Men have fought for them, wars waged over them, lives lost for them. The everlasting hunger and unquenchable thirst of man has caused life to revolve around Food and Bar. And this were never more true than at Worcester College.


We are incredibly lucky at Worcester. Known for having some of the best food in Oxford at rock bottom prices, your peers at other colleges will salivate over the idea of being invited to a Worcester formal. Enjoy a scrumptious three course meal, served to you by waiters, for just over £13! Formals can act as relaxing dinners to end the day with a few mates, or the perfect platform to show off to your guests just how perfect your life has become (if you’re willing to splash out to really impress, bring them to a Guest formal, with extra drinks, cheese and port). If you don’t have the time for formal, we also offer first hall (with dessert) at a bargain £4.99, with a bit knocked then off for those few in college without direct kitchen access. The college also offers lunch and breakfast, both of which are popular options. Lunch comes in at £4.25 for a hot meal, while breakfast consists of a full fry-up for about £1 – £3 depending on what you get (eg breakfast – bacon, beans, hash brown, 2 toast, cereal, juice, unlimited tea/coffee). Hall is a great social centre of college, where undergrads come from a hard day of working/sport/sleeping to eat together. And where better to go to before/after Hall than the…


Worcester is blessed with having a cellar bar, one with true character. And that character’s name is Colin, our loveable head barman. Colin and his staff work tirelessly to ensure that students get the best deals in a friendly and relaxed environment. The bar offers a place to relax from 6pm onwards with a pint after that hard day of working/sport/sleeping. With prices heavily subsidised, cheaper pints will be tough to find. The bar is also home to our signature cocktail, the Lionheart; served for just under £3, you’ll wonder how it can pack such a punch! If drinking isn’t your thing, we still have plenty more to offer! Such as our weekly quiz night, regular karaokes and snooker room. Alternatively, you can try your hand at Equizabeth, our pub games machine (where Colin can recover the costs to keep the drink prices so low!). In addition, Worcester has a particularly big darts scene, with most people who have never played getting quite into it (see the darts page for more details); providing a great excuse to hang out in the bar and not be dubbed an alcoholic, and to see other college bars in matches. Currently, we are exploring the prospect of purchasing a second dartboard, so we can introduce regular termly dart championships, with competitors playing side-by-side. Many students (and tutors) use the bar as a place to hang out and relax, or to get ready for a night out. Whatever your motivation, big night out, casual pint, or don’t drink at all, the bar is a great place to relax and have fun.

For any questions get touch with the 2023/24 food and bar rep Lewis Callister (