The Oxford Gargoyles are Oxford’s premier Jazz a cappella group, who perform an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, pop and disney music for a huge range of events, both in and out of the university. It is entirely student run, with the music being selected by the musical director, who then helps all members to learn and perform the pieces, and all performances being organised by the president and treasurer. There’s even a tour manager, who takes on the formidable task of organising all aspects of the Easter vacation tour to the US. Performing in black tie makes us the ideal group to perform at champagne receptions, garden parties, balls, charity events, etc. We also perform for around two weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, which is always enormously popular (one review named us THE a cappella group of the festival!). The 2012-13 group were also the winners of the open category of the Choir of the Year competition, and participated in the televised final on the BBC.

Being a part of the group provides some amazing opportunities – the chance to go on a tour of America in the Easter vacation, the opportunity to record an album with the group, free performers’ tickets to lots of events, and so on. Not only is it a chance to do so many things, it’s also great fun! Rehearsing and performing regularly with a group of lovely people creates a great friendship network across the university, providing you with close friends at a range of different colleges. Having said this, though, there is a strong Worcester contingent within the group (our 2012 photo shoot was even set in Worcester) – Emma Fox, Sam Lee and Sam Rice are all active members, and alumni from the past four years includes two other Worcester undergraduates. The 2013-14 president and the 2010-11 president are also members of the college.

The standard of this group is incredibly high, making it a really incredible thing to be a part of. Auditions are open to all members of the university, and take place in 0th week. You can sign up for an audition slot at the University freshers’ fair, but if you’re unable to make this, feel free to organise one by emailing You can also find out more information about us, or contact us using our facebook page – we’re also on youtube and twitter. We look forward to hearing from you!